Master Private Detectives share with you in elaborate detail  step-by-step procedures in this complete private investigator training course and show you exactly . . . "How to Become a Private Investigator and How to Conduct Any Investigation!"
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Security Management Magazine 
Security Management Magazine

"This well-researched and thought-out  Private Investigator Training Course helps  Investigators move easily toward their goals. Beyond setting out the nuts and bolts of private investigation, the Course is loaded with insider tips, strategies, and resources." ~ Security Management Magazine    Read the complete Review

National Association of Investigative Specialists

"'Secrets of Top Private Eyes,' is truly one of the top investigative training programs to be  developed to date." - Ralph Thomas, President, National Association of Investigative Specialists
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Private Investigator

"I wish I had found your Private Investigator Training Course prior to all the leg work I had to do to get the ball rolling on a career as an investigator."

Sue Moore,
Private Investigator
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